Any Care Bundle, Any Methodology, Any Care Setting
Aver's data management platform ingests fragmented fee for service information, transforms and modernizes it for payment reform. We enrich legacy data sets by generating patient and episode centric data.

The magic behind Aver is our unique and user friendly design tools to implement any payment bundle. That means you can implement any industry standard bundle or custom design your own. You have complete control over all aspects of your program including the analytics, performance and quality measures. Evolve and scale your bundled payment program to meet payment reform demands now and in the future.

Who Loves Us

Aver touches every segment of the episodic care bundling market including Commercial, Medicare and Medicaid implementations. The most trusted healthcare organizations rely on Aver to enable the end to end transformation process including bundling design, analytics, network configuration, patient risk scoring, quality assessment, performance metrics and gainsharing administration.

A Complex Problem



      Chief Executive Officer

      Kurt is the founder and CEO of Aver Informatics Inc. He has the privilege to lead a collection of creative mid-westerners who are working together as a positive force to create sustainable change for the healthcare reimbursement system.

      Kurt is a former CIO for a boutique claims auditing organization where he developed a team to create a claim audit technology solution that grew the company through automation from $10M - $15M in just 1.5 years. Prior to that, he directed Global and Domestic Operations at United Health Group (NYSE: UNH). Responsible for 14 global and domestic service centers, 3000 employees, an $80 Million annual budget, he was ranked in the top 10% of leaders. Kurt is not only actively engaged in executing against Aver's business strategy, but also working with industry thought leaders to help transform healthcare.


      Chief Architect

      As a founder and Chief Architect, Matt drives the vision for the Aver platform and is responsible for many of its innovative features.

      Matt earned his degree in Computer Science from St. Norbert College and started his career at a small development shop where he was quickly given high levels of diverse responsibility where he explored a wide variety of technologies and development techniques, uncovering his fast and effective approach to software creation and discovering his passion for powerful yet intuitive interfaces. Matt's previous experience with a respected Health Care organization included architecting and developing an application that was predominant factor to the successful exit of the company.


      Director of Analytic Design

      Steve joined the Aver team as Director of Analytic Design early in 2011. He leverages a scientific approach, grounded in his physics background, into a relentless focus on solving difficult data questions, bringing creativity to understanding complex systems and driving new development to satisfy diverse needs of the healthcare information landscape.

      For over 8 years he has left his mark on healthcare data management specializing in insurance claim analysis, auditing and episodes of care. He is constantly looking to learn about what is just over the horizon in healthcare data. Steve kicks back from changing the world of healthcare informatics with his twin daughters and his wife Sandra, a master of vegan cuisine.

  • We make health care payment work the way it should have always worked. Aver is handcrafted by artisan coders into elegant bundled payment analytics software. Aver's patented technology and design tools enables non-technical people to rapidly deploy episodes and many other types of advanced health care intelligence. Our flexibility allows for the implementation of any type of bundled payment methodology and many other next generation healthcare analytics.

    Founded in 2010 by fearless health care experts, we have attracted the most sophisticated purchasers of health care technology across the country. Our technology has enabled the bundled payment movement to exponentially accelerate. Aver has 15 customers and touches over 15 Million Lives across commercial, Medicare and Medicaid implementations.

    Our unique approach allows you to deploy from the growing ecosystem of open source episode libraries or enable you to design your own custom methodology. Our customers are on the leading edge implementing acute, chronic, inpatient and outpatient bundles with ease.


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Elegant Analytics Technology

Logic Illustrator

Create diagrams and express what you're thinking by visually connecting concepts.

Data Blueprint

Rapidly connect and combine ALL of your data sources and unlock new insights.

Episode Builder

Custom design your episodes and payment bundles on the fly without programming. Patent Pending!


Submit or download established industry metrics, analytics and solutions.

Result Studio

Discover correlations, optimize results,
and get trusted answers.


Interactive mission control. Instantly assemble, manage and forcast key performance indicators.


Generate unique layouts of
your results on the fly.


Transfrom, deconstruct or
create new data in a snap.

Data Collection

Advanced data collection engine connects to claims adjudication platforms, EMR and your custom file formats.

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